Please send assistance – my cat tenderizes me as we speak

This will only make sense to those who are barking mad (‘scuse me, yowling mad) enough to own cat(s). To those people, this will make you laugh very hard.

The rest of the world may wonder how a seemingly domesticated species has trained us to scoop its poop and feed it delicious stinky delicacies twice a day. And yet all we ask is to be lovingly ignored in return.

This is dedicated to Ramses, my reincarnated pharaoh, and Sephi (Persephone). Please don’t gas me again.


Your Peon

And in her head, she danced the Valse all night long

Sometimes I can’t bear the lack of whimsy in the world. I can’t bear the funny looks at my funny words, words like ‘mellifluous’ and ‘myrmidon’ and ‘mandibular’. Nor should I fail to mention the endless sneers at my swoons, mocks at my sensitivities, and the daily careless picks at the well-worn sweater of my heart.

When I am denied the opportunity for blitheness, I get truculent (hah, there’s another one!).

Why can’t I splash in puddles? What’s wrong with wearing plum colored tights with a black work dress? I like my nerdy knee socks and my disintegrating sneakers. Why can’t I spend the better part of my day off staring at the ceiling, picking at my cuticles, and teasing my cat with a bit of discard Christmas ribbon. Why shouldn’t I cry when I want to, for PMS, for love lost, for the cruelty in the world, for the endless picky-nit choices of adulthood? For god’s sake, do you want me to grow up?

I want to be the Ballerina Grandma, the Artistic Director, the memorable Author, the limpid Starlet, the Anti-Styrofoam Crusader, Super Secret Spy Girl, Jane Austen, Audrey Hepburn, Amelia Earhart, the lady in the plum tights, the oversensitive girl, the owner of the tombstone’s epitaph: ‘She had one hell of a life.’

Is that so much to ask, World?

/”Yana” by Sergey Smirnov / [repost – ed.]

The Charming Cherub

I stumbled upon this jewelry artist at the St. James Art Show

She makes handmade jewelry out of bits of shattered china, vintage postcards, photos and other found antique bobs and bibelots. I love her style. I had to feature this Alice in Wonderland necklace:

She accepts commissions and you can find her website here: The Charming Cherub