The Fairy Ring Writing Contest Submission – Paul Ramey

 A few of you have contacted me about entering the writing contest without a blog. If you do not have a blog, just email me your entry at annabbps at I will be happy to post it on my blog so that others may read your work. Of course, you retain all rights to your work.

Here is the latest entry to The Fairy Ring Writing Contest, courtesy of Paul Ramey. If you enjoy, please comment.

Between Pages

By Paul Ramey
At first I mistook it for a pressed flower.
It was frail and dry, and as I opened the pages of the book it stood up slightly, caught deep in the fold. On either side was a slight silhouette, a delicate shadow of the form frozen on the parchment.
It was one of my grandmother’s books. I’d been in her study for the past hour, escaping from the cold reality of her funeral. She’d been laid to rest that very morning, and now people were milling around in the living room and kitchen, reminiscing over the many ways they missed her.
“What is this doing here?” I whispered as I gently pried it out. The tears had not yet come to me, and I hated knowing that I’d failed to mourn properly at the funeral of someone that I loved so deeply.
What was wrong with me?
I gave a slight tug to part of the tissue-thin material that seemed entwined with the pressed flower.
It was then that it winked at me.
I was looking at a little, living thing. It wore threadbare clothing, and had wispy, dragonfly wings. It began to unfold and expand, like an origami shape, and buzzed its wings intermittently, testing them.
Satisfied, the little figure pulled away from my fingers suddenly and took flight, coming level with my eyes. Then, buzzing around to my ear, I heard a very tiny, insect-like whisper.
“Thank you, dear.”
And then it was gone, the light breeze carrying it right out the open window and back into the world.
I walked over to the window, and I couldn’t help but smile as sudden tears lifted off my cheeks and followed the little spirit to wherever the winds decided to carry it next.


Dancing With the Fairies – The Fairy Ring Writing Contest

 Hear ye! Yearning for Wonderland proudly announces their very first writing contest. Ever.

I know it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Please calm yourself. No tears of joy, please.

By this point, you might be saying, get on with it!

Shhh, I am savoring…okay, here are the details.

This contest is in honor of The Fairy Ring (you know you want to read it! Or gift it to someone who believes in true magic in the world). For those of you who have not yet read my review of Mary Losure’s The Fairy Ring (Candlewick Press, 2012), please do so to know how amazing this prize is. I know several of my readers have expressed interest in the book – now is your chance to win it for free!

Galleys have graciously been provided by the beauteous Raquel Matos of Candlewick Press.

I will announce the winners by February 22nd. I cannot wait to see all the magnificent permutations of fae encounters that your creative minds will unleash. Let the games begin!

Additional Details (updated 2/14/12)
* The winner of the contest will have their link shared on the Google+ page of Candlewick Press, woot!
* The title does not count in the 300 word limit.
* In the spirit of the contest and the book, please no erotica or slasher horror. I love dark fairytales, but give us goosebumps not buckets of blood.
* Please visit all of the entries and comment – writers love feedback!
* WordPress blogs need different HTML – email me at annabbps at if you want me to send you the alt. code.
* If you do not have a blog and would like to enter, send me your entry to the above email and I will post it on Yearning for Wonderland.
* We have an amazing new logo, courtesy of Ruth Long @bullishink

Comment with any questions. Here is the Linky Tool code to copy to your blog’s HTML:

Guilt and Other Goblins

When I envision Guilt, I picture a hunched over little man, maybe only 6 inches tall, with a screwed up angry face and a very pointed pitchfork. He pokes me with this pitchfork right in the gut, repeatedly. Today, I picked him up by the scruff of his little red trousers and put him out with the recycling. Maybe someone else can use Guilt today, because he is no longer welcome in my house.

Writers are very familiar with my little goblin, Guilt. Maybe theirs is taller and has a big spear, but the end result is the same. Jab. Jab. Jab.

There are times when Guilt is useful: “Watching that episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ for a -third- time? Go write, you lazy schlub.”

Thanks, Guilt.

But the majority of the time, Guilt is not useful: “I don’t care if you’ve worked close to open, close to open shifts all week! Why aren’t you writing? Who cares if you are falling asleep on your laptop? WRITE!” Jab. Jab. Jab.

To complicate matters, social media often dials into our sense of NOW, do it NOW, or you’ll fall behind. Who doesn’t feel a sense of urgency when you hear of other writers getting book deals, getting published, getting awards and kudos and you can’t help but think “AIGGGGHH! Why isn’t this manuscript done?”

The good news: for most of us, the only deadline is our self-imposed one. So cut yourself some slack. Do something other than write. Read a book, take a walk, watch a ball game, talk to a friend, cook an amazing meal and eat it, stare at your ceiling and play with your cat.

Let us collectively give ourselves permission to rest our creative brain. Ruining your health to satisfy your own inner deadline monster is a disaster. And, I hate to say it, but Guilt is never happy. He will keep jabbing you as long as you let him.

Your book will be there when you return, I promise. It’s sitting right there, beaming contentedly. And you may find that when you come back it is far easier to edit and tweak, now that you have some space.

Thus, my house is now officially a NO GUILT ZONE.

Sorry, Guilt.

This post was inspired by a conversation with my writing group, The NoInklings. Deep gratitude to Angie, Angela, Ali, Cara, Dasia, Daniel, Lillie and Ruth for keeping me sane during bouts of Guilt. And Laziness, my other goblin, but that is for another post.

Goblin image courtesy of the magnificently talented Tony DiTerlizzi.