Five Sentence Fiction: The Library’s Whispers

I almost missed this week’s Five Sentence Fiction by Lillie McFerrin. That would have been a real loss, as she chose this week’s theme – my favorite, Faeries – and mentioned me and my Faerytaleish board most graciously.

The Library’s Whispers

All she’d said was “I never want to leave this place.” – a simple, childish wish, but someone had heard her.

Years passed and her beloved books crumbled to dust from the rain that pattered through the sunken skylight. She splintered every piece of furniture in her rage but one, though she never sat.

The wind rattling through the eaves sounded like a whisper, sounded like a giggle.

She pressed her face against the chill glass of the window and watched as yet another twilight faded from the sky.

Five Sentence Fiction Entry: Jeff Tsuruoka

This flash fiction entry is by Jeff Tsuruoka for Five Sentence Fiction, which is hosted over at the blog of the lovely Lillie McFerrin. The theme this week is Faeries, which is a rather favorite topic of mine.

Brother’s Keeper
Rogen slipped out of his shirt to reveal an intricate tattoo which glowed bright red in the candlelight. 

Daragh stood in the doorway and did not watch as Cait laid her lovely hands on Rogen’s chest and then disappeared into his body in a wisp of bright red smoke.

“Do not be sad, dear brother,” sneered Rogen, “for she was lost to you the moment she set eyes upon me.”

Daragh walked out of the house without a word and did not look back when his brother began to scream.

He found a comfortable-looking stump and sat down to wait for Cait to return to him from his dead brother’s house.

A Room of My Own: Lillie McFerrin

 Though I am still in recovery mode from the Faerytaleish Pinterest brouhaha, I could not resist giving you the next amazing artist in my “A Room of My Own” series, Lillie McFerrin (@lilliemcferrin on Twitter).

Lillie is an extra appropriate choice because she and Ruth Long are running a Blog Hop that is super fun and perfect for all those in flash fiction withdrawal over the end of #Faerypin.

Q: Please describe your space, describing any features that make it extra special to you.

A: A few years ago my Mom gave me this desk for Christmas. It is an 18th century library table and I adore its simplicity. It took me a while before I could actually use it for my desk because I was afraid to cause damage. But, that’s what it’s for and it has served me well.

Q: What is your favorite/most inspiring object in this room?

A: Probably my Bose stereo. Music is what inspires me and keeps me writing. Namely Ray Lamontagne and Andy McKee.

Q: What rituals do you go thru when you want to write in this space?

A: I turn on my ‘writing tunes’ play list, put a big glass of iced tea on the coaster, and make sure everything on the desk is right where it should be (straight and whatnot ;) )

Q: Any other details you would like to share about your special room.

A: I recently added the dry erase board. I have plans to get a larger one, but for now this one works for me. It’s great when I have an idea to slap it up there so that it stares at me until I use it to create something.

Thanks to Lillie for sharing her Room with us. Want to share your Room? Email me at annabbps AT with a photo and answer the above questions.

Keep an eye on this space for more writers/artists and their inspirational spaces!

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