Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest

It’s been debated whether I have a contest addiction. In order to dispel any confusion, I’d like to confirm that YES, I DO HAVE A CONTEST ADDICTION.

During the Once Upon a Time Writing Contest (#ouatwriting), I felt such a surge of wonder as writers of all ages and backgrounds came together to write their own unexpected fairy tales.

And now, I’d like to announce the Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest or #Faerypin for short.

As some of you know, I have a group #Pinterest board called Faerytaleish (view its gloriousness).

This contest is focused on the power of images to inspire writing, as I have found that my own writing is stimulated greatly by the collective beauty of the Pinterest images. Every day I log in to find new and wondrous pins from my fellow pinners.

That being said, you can read the contest details below! 

Here is the code to copy into your blog entries:

If  you have a WordPress blog, here is the proper code:

Sharpen your pencils and GO!