Blogflash 2012: Sunset

Haha! Day 7! Seven days of #BlogFlash2012, in only….eighteen days. Well, you can’t have everything.


Deirdre drank the cooling chai tea, staring as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Two weeks ago, she’d rushed into this kitchen sobbing, flung the other woman’s crumpled red dress at Earl and said she was leaving him.

He’d come at her then, screaming curses, with the knife she used to pare apples for pie.

That was before a massive spruce tree unfurled from under the linoleum and grabbed him in a rib-crushing embrace.

Earl chopped at a branch wildly. She’d buried him under her beloved orchard.

Nursing her bandaged finger, she reflected: it’s best not to devastate a dryad.

Art by Cathy Rox @ Deviantart (All rights reserved)