A Posie for my Rosie: Spread the Love

This blog was originally designed to speak of the passions and projects of others, not just myself, so I’d like to take a moment today to do just that.

This is Rose Woods.


It isn’t often in this life that you meet a fellow Keeper of Whimsy, but Rose Woods is one of them and so she shall always be henceforth my Rosie Posie.

Rose is the Founder/Artistic Director of the Island Shakespeare Fest in beautiful Whidbey Island/Langley. If you aren’t familiar with ISF, they do free Shakespeare productions. That’s right: FREE SHAKESPEARE. Says so right on their page.


My reaction.


Or you can enjoy this photo of an ISF actress reacting similarly.


At ISF, they are currently running a very successful Kickstarter to raise funds for their new home, Henry the Tent.

This is Henry.


This tent will allow them so much more versatility and freedom. But you don’t have to take their word for it; I can vouch for it myself.

Not many people online know I founded a classic theatre company in Saint Augustine, Florida. We offered productions ranging from original adaptations of O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” to Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”. We staged a production of Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” that sold out every weekend; it was so successful we revived in a different venue.


Despite all its success, we ended up closing our doors after four years. There wasn’t the grassroots community support (this was long before Kickstarter). People came to the shows, loved the shows, but weren’t willing to offer the critical financial and emotional supportive framework. I tell you this story because Island Shakespeare Festival needs your help.

Almost no one gets rich from the theatre. In fact, you usually end up personally footing the bill for a million different costs (much like teachers). But you do it because you have a passion for doing it, because you genuinely can do nothing else other than go out there again and again and offer up your heart, gently beating, for an audience.

Having a venue is everything for a theatre company. Theatre Saint Augustine was constantly scrambling to find places to rehearse. We had to set up and break down sets constantly in non-dedicated spaces. This is why Henry the Tent is important to ISF. And this is why I am asking you to seriously consider making a donation to help this worthy theatre company.

Please watch this clever video for their project. And then, if you are in a position to do so, please consider giving to their Kickstarter (their rewards are sublime!).If you are not, it means everything for you to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

It means everything to Rosie, to myself, to all those who love theatre with their whole heart.

They are 75% to their goal as of the date of this post. Let’s help them smash through that goal. You can never have too much support for free Shakespeare, for arts education, in support of those who give their all to add to the beauty of the world. You CAN make a difference. Please pledge today.

Thank you.

Kickstarter: Bard Under the Big Top

Website: Island Shakespeare Fest

Facebook: Island Shakespeare Fest

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  1. I couldn’t Kickstart fund my own lunch right now, but I wish them lots of luck and success. 🙂

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