Yearning Beyond: New Website!


You made it! Whee!

Thou ought comment here and love it and bookmark it and call it Lady Georgina!


In congratulations, I offer you this amazing image which is a complete non sequitur.



Thank you for coming to visit. NOW SAY SOMETHING WITTY BELOW~!


18 thoughts on “Yearning Beyond: New Website!”

  1. I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it!

    Now. Can you tell me how this new site came about? Because I need one too and am exploring ALL the magical options with the help of one surly muse.

    1. In short, Anna is using a professional theme on a self-hosted WordPress site. To elaborate: I found this pretty theme:, customized it with a Wonderland background I found and a hand-made logo (as well as few other tweaks). I added a few plugins I thought she’d like and installed the whole she-bang for her with her new domain name. I let her piggy-back on my web-hosting at

      Then Anna showed up, flapped her arms around and said, “VOILA!”

    2. Awesome! Thanks so much! Everything looks amazing over here, and I think I found a theme there I love.

      Thanks for the inspiration, and the site looks BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I’m still busy staring at the pretty picture…oh yes something witty. Ahem. I don’t think I shall ever see, a website as beautiful as a tree. Except yours of course! And we all know how much I adore trees…

    But now that I think about it, if a tree were to fall inside your beautiful new website design…would anyone hear it?

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