Choose a Style for the Hapless Bride’s Hair

The Hapless Bride needs your help!

She is concocting the loveliest, most elegant 1930’s inspired wedding ever. She has yet to choose her hairstyle, however. Your opinion counts! Please scroll down to view all four choices and make your selection.

The fate of the Hapless Bride’s appearance hangs in the balance. She is meeting with her hairstylist on Saturday to choose her bridal hairstyle. Scroll down and VOTE NOW!

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19 thoughts on “Choose a Style for the Hapless Bride’s Hair”

  1. Totally depends on the dress and jewelry that the hair will go with. I did a vintage deal myself, and I went with a combo of the 1st two (

    Long and down is pretty, but WAY harder to maintain through the day. The next question is whether it is being done by the bride / friends or if it’s being done professionally. Because then it comes down to skill. I did mine myself with help on the back from a bridesmaid. But it was stressful, because hair never does well under pressure.

  2. All are adorable and would look darling on you. Hmmm. #1-My only concern here is that it’s a tad trendy. Will you look back in 20 years with glee? (The flat, elegant bows on the shoulders of my ivory, raw silk Ralph Lauren gown from marriage #2 in 1988 make me cringe just a tad.) Will it wear throughout vigorous fairy gavotting? #2-Utter perfection to show off your graceful goddess shoulders. Classic. Keeps the attn on your face and the gown details. #3-I’m with A.K. Stunning. Would you later just wind it up into a clip or something while doing The Charleston? (Wait. That was the ’20s.) Will the candids be untidy? #4-Romantic, not too fussy. But is it formal enough?

    Process of elimination and my gut say that #2 gets my vote. No matter what the votes say, though, I bet you already know which is perfect for you!

  3. I love A but I voted B because it is really close to A. A is an updated version more modern and not actually straight thirties. Period thirties would be B and you could still do the softer waves but have it brought up in the back and even put jewels in the hair. Nice and awesome choice in styles!

  4. I love all of them but voted for D because it’s still in period but has the best chance of surviving the day still looking the way it did when it started, but really, I don’t see how you can lose with any of them!

  5. I was tossing up between A and C (def. not B – Downton is more 20s)…Love A, but thought a whole day w/hair up might feel restricting, so voted for loose and luscious C. But as others have said, it depends on dress, bling, etc. And hey, you can always start with it up and let it down later!

  6. All of the styles are very beautiful, I think I like A best of all but would love to see what it looks like from the back to get a fuller picture.

    I remember getting my hair done for my wedding. I’d had a perm months before and really wanted my hair curly on my wedding day. The hairdresser spent ages scrunch drying it to perfection.

    In the end of the day you will look stunning – all brides do – but there will always be things you may wish you’d done differently, for me I wish I had gone for real flowers and not silk ones – but at least I still have my wedding bouquet nearly nineteen years later.

    My best advice to you is to cherish the little moments, the things that may seem insignificant to everyone else. Watching my young nephews sitting at my feet drawing while the service was happening was a really treasured moment for me.

    Just enjoy being the princess in your very own fairytale and may it be the most magical of days xxx

  7. Option A! I tried for Option C for my wedding… took 2 hours to do and style lasted less than that. Structured waves fell out – hair too heavy.

    D very cute too….

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