Blogflash 2012: Frustration

I’ve often said writing flash fiction is like an addiction (such as in this guest post I wrote when I was featured on Laura Howard’s lovely blog). Trying to do this Blog Flash challenge is like shoveling big clods of mud out of a wet hole; it’s worthwhile, but sometimes the impediments move faster than you do.

Yet I slog ahead. Day 5’s word is Frustration.


She’d waited so long for this day.

It had been a hundred years to the very hour since she and Edouard had sat on the edge of the Fountain de la Mer in the Place de la Concorde.

True love’s kiss: a moment of perfection. When she opened her eyes again, she was transformed, her skin hardened to stone.

Today, a couple sat at the fountain’s edge. Her eyes were fixed on them. He kissed her; she slapped him and left.

The mist from the fountain slid down her face like tears.

Beside her, Edouard stared on in stony silence.

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