Blog Flash 2012: Relaxing

From romance to creepy childhood fairytale reinterpretation. No one can say that #BlogFlash2012 isn’t leading me down an unusual writing path.


Alice tumbled to the forest floor. She’d eaten three mushrooms, but she was hungry and the apple was so red. Her eyelids flickered: a rabbit by her elbow snapped shut his pocketwatch. The caterpillar exhaled a smoke ring the size of a dodo.

Her head rolled right and the roses chattered. The Queen of Hearts bit into a headless tart, smiling at Alice with a dripping red grin.

As the toxin from the Amanita mushrooms spread through her body with relaxing warmth, Alice thought she saw a floating cat grin at her.

And then she died.

Word Count: 100

2 thoughts on “Blog Flash 2012: Relaxing”

  1. Oh wow. I thought the Snow White story was dark. This definitely is two levels darker. I love the images flashing one after the other. I love how the last sentence closes everything. The scene just fades to black. Nice 🙂

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