Blog Flash 2012: Reading

*trumpet fanfare* Day 6! The word today is ‘Reading’. Now if I can only say 100 words about reading. Here’s my try, a little country love story.


He edged alongside the house, the weathered grey clapboard scraping his hands.

She stood in the window, reading in the half-light. He focused on the sill’s peeling paint; he could paint that for her.

Cheeks stained red, he watched her read, couldn’t look away.

He absorbed all the tiny details: the fall of a red-gold curl, the curve of her cheek, her eyelashes’ flutter as she turned the page.

She smiled to herself as she read a good line, brow furrowed.

Well, that just cinched it; he had to ask her to marry him, any girl who loved to read.

Word Count: 100

7 thoughts on “Blog Flash 2012: Reading”

  1. looooooooooooooove. Please tell me you have a longer WIP in progress that I can read sometime. Yes??? Because it’s not like you’re busy or, I dunno, getting married or anything. You could write a few books in all that spare time. 🙂

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