Five Sentence Fiction: The Library’s Whispers

I almost missed this week’s Five Sentence Fiction by Lillie McFerrin. That would have been a real loss, as she chose this week’s theme – my favorite, Faeries – and mentioned me and my Faerytaleish board most graciously.

The Library’s Whispers

All she’d said was “I never want to leave this place.” – a simple, childish wish, but someone had heard her.

Years passed and her beloved books crumbled to dust from the rain that pattered through the sunken skylight. She splintered every piece of furniture in her rage but one, though she never sat.

The wind rattling through the eaves sounded like a whisper, sounded like a giggle.

She pressed her face against the chill glass of the window and watched as yet another twilight faded from the sky.

7 thoughts on “Five Sentence Fiction: The Library’s Whispers”

  1. Straight from the mouth of the fairy queen! Almost creepy how well you know the minds of these little creatures.

    Sobering and shocking, and very in the vein of the traditional fae lore. Love it!!

  2. I rarely comment on your work, but EXCELLENT. The picture adds a lot, too. Something I wish more authors- and publishers- would be braver about experimenting with.

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