Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest: Anna Meade 2

Here for the Plague


Ardo answered the door.
A momentary chill swept him, at the robed figure with the long white beak, but then he laughed, “Venetian Carnival! How excellent. When in Venice…”
“I am here for the plague,” the masked man said.
“Ah, Medico Della Peste!” Ardo stumbled with the Italian, “The Plague Doctor, ha – funny!”
He tweaked the smooth beak of the mask, ”Rather morbid though, isn’t it, chap? When I said ‘fancy dress party’, was thinking more of pirates and rogues. Plague doctor’s a bit of a downer, eh? But expats must stick together – come in!”
Ardo gestured with his drink, sloshing some on the terrazzo floor, “The party’s already started in here. Lovely Teresa-r’s dressed as Venus.”
Teresa’s laugh squeaked, “Ardo, I told you I’m Mother Teresa.”
“Ciao bella – in some countries, that costume would get you arrested.”
Teresa pressed her breasts against Ardo’s arm, “Who’s your friend?”
“This is…er-sorry, chap, what was your name?”
“I am here for the plague,” the masked man said.
“Not much one for conversation, love, but he’s perfect for you,” Ardo pawned the stranger off on Teresa and returned to playing Who’s Got the Button with Jacqueline.
Teresa’s scream yanked him back, “He smells like rotting flesh!”
Ardo stumbled back over, “Probably the herbs in his mask…” The room tilted more than ever, “Listen, chap, you’re killing my vibe here. Perhaps you’d better go.”
“I am here for the plague,” the masked man said.
“I heard you the first time. You’re scaring the ladies. Get out of here!” Ardo’s voice cracked as he pushed the masked man out the front door.
The eyeholes of the mask yawned empty and dark, but the man walked from the courtyard into the darkness.

Ardo closed the door.

In the other room, Jacqueline began to cough.

12 thoughts on “Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest: Anna Meade 2”

  1. What a cool idea!
    Unfortunately, I just stumbled upon your contest on Twitter, and wanted so much to enter.. several minutes too late.
    Aw well… here’s the link anyway, if only to explain why I’m using your pin!
    I’ll try to keep in the loop if you do it again.

    Your boards are beautiful by the way. x 🙂


  2. Woah!! that plague man’s character was absolutely awesome. “I am here for the plague”. that was powerful. Cuts like a knife, pain and sense forgotten.

  3. How incredibly original, Anna!
    You’ve managed to make that masked man even creepier, haha! And the little details like the type of flooring and the Italian do wonders for authenticity.

  4. Fantastic. Faint memories of an old movie with Vincent Price but your version is a much more chilling one with the modern (and unbearable) expat setting. You rock, Dark Faery

  5. I love this! It’s got that perfect comic edged with horror that you get in the best sort of film. Made me laugh and shiver. I loved this picture – I tried to write a story for it but it wouldn’t come. Presumably because the plague muse was sitting on your shoulder. Totally cool!

  6. I considered this photo.. the plague doctor. And what you’ve done is classic yet inspired, gently letting us in on the horror we know is coming. Very well done. *shiver* Only a Dark Fairy would be so good, 😉

  7. ‘Here for the Plague’ is great! For some reason when I had a look at that image I decided the character’s name was Anthony Murphy for some reason, but I settled on a different image in the end which is a good thing as I’m glad I didn’t try to compete with what you did with it!

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