Faerypin Shortlist Bliss

“Come away, O human child: To the waters and the wild with a fairy, hand in hand, For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.” ~William Butler Yeats

For me, one of the most enjoyable things so far has been seeing the shortlist boards on Pinterest that people are pinning up to inspire them on their journey to arrive at the perfect pin for the Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest.

So I offer you a quick sneak peek into the creative visualization of minds such as:

Jo-Anne Teal (@jtvancouver)

Angie Richmond (@write_me_happy)

Jenn M (@BrewedBohemian)

Go check out their inspiration boards and make one of your own! Remember, the contest closes 6/1/12 at midnight EST.

A Room of My Own: Daniel Swensen

Our third creative space in the “A Room of My Own” series on Yearning for Wonderland is Daniel Swensen, aka @Surlymuse.

His blog should become your new favorite source for writing advice; it is written in a snarky yet informative manner.

1) Please describe your space, describing any features that make it extra special to you.

This is my workspace, where I do both my freelance work and my writing. I use Ubuntu Linux as my operating system. My favorite software applications for work are Zim, Clementine, FocusWriter, and Write or Die. I have my Rory’s Story Cubes on the shelf below the right monitor. The Rubik’s Cubes are there to mix up and then solve when I need to clear my brain. Behind the monitors are several small boxes with paper clips, push pins, etc. The secondary desk on the right is usually piled high with my “to-read” books.

2) What is your favorite/most inspiring object in this room?
The picture of my wife (top shelf, second from left, right next to the Star Wars picture). She inspires me daily.

3) What rituals do you go thru when you want to write in this space?

I take my vitamins, which I keep on the shelf below the left monitor. I fire up some music, either with Pandora or the Clementine music player. I have a number of playlists, each catering to a certain mood or genre. Currently, my “blogging” music is heavy on The Glitch Mob and Pretty Lights.

The rest of my digital writing rituals can be found here: http://surlymuse.com/a-digital-room-of-ones-own/

4) Any other details you would like to share about your special room.

Over the years, all the drawers in my desk have broken. The bottom left drawer inexplicably locked shut and has never opened again. The middle drawer fell out one day and broke my toe. The top left drawer has become wobbly and unstable. That’s why everything’s on the surface of the desk.

Also, buried behind the stuff on the top shelf is the “Perseverance” Demotivator poster (http://www.despair.com/perseverance.html), which I wrote (and got paid for). Still one of my favorite writing “jobs” ever.

Thanks to Daniel for sharing his Room with us. Want to share your Room? Email me at annabbps AT gmail.com with a photo and answer the above questions.

Keep an eye on this space for more writers/artists and their inspirational spaces!

See the spaces of other creatives in “A Room of My Own”!

* Lillie McFerrin

* Angela Goff

* Angie Richmond

Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest

It’s been debated whether I have a contest addiction. In order to dispel any confusion, I’d like to confirm that YES, I DO HAVE A CONTEST ADDICTION.

During the Once Upon a Time Writing Contest (#ouatwriting), I felt such a surge of wonder as writers of all ages and backgrounds came together to write their own unexpected fairy tales.

And now, I’d like to announce the Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest or #Faerypin for short.

As some of you know, I have a group #Pinterest board called Faerytaleish (view its gloriousness).

This contest is focused on the power of images to inspire writing, as I have found that my own writing is stimulated greatly by the collective beauty of the Pinterest images. Every day I log in to find new and wondrous pins from my fellow pinners.

That being said, you can read the contest details below! 

Here is the code to copy into your blog entries:

If  you have a WordPress blog, here is the proper code:

Sharpen your pencils and GO!