Once Upon a Time Writing Contest

10,000 tweets! And here is the big news!

I don’t know if I’m a glutton for punishment or just love quality flash fiction, but I feel the hankering coming on for another flash fiction writing contest. In the wake of the phenomenal success that was the Fairy Ring Writing contest, I would like to offer up another whimsical outlet for your creative pleasure.

There will be surprises, twists, turns, tears and triumphs! <--- Yes, that is a teaser.

I will be co-hosting this flash fiction contest with the lovely Susi Holliday, aka @sjiholliday. Check out her blog here.ย 

And so, without further ado (I say this entirely without irony to my Twitter friends), I announce the Once Upon a Time Writing Contest to be coming soon! You can receive news and updates via #ouatwriting on Twitter. Watch Yearning for Wonderland or @ruanna3 at Twitter for more details, theme, and prize information!

I shan’t give away the theme today, but you can perhaps get an inkling from the title. Fear not, however, it shall be glorious!

Art by Bill Carman, zaniness by me.

12 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time Writing Contest”

    1. Thank you, Kristilyn. Seems like once I hit 10,000, I have snowballed. Already at 11,000 just a few days later ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. It’s funny how you say this blog is for the lost… I seem to always “find” myself here. Very exciting news, Wonderland Lass! Will eagerly await details!

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