In Search of the Creative: #22Things

My lovely friend and fellow NoInkling, Angie Richmond (@write_me_happy on Twitter), has issued a wonderful creative challenge on her blog.

In this challenge, you choose 22 small goals, 22 stepping stones to achieve some of the big hopes and dreams of your creative life.

I love this idea and have been practicing this in one form or another for years. I have my BIG HOPES & Impossible Dreams list, which contains a surprising number of items that I have actually achieved.

So, I strongly encourage you to go to her blog and sign up for this Creative Challenge.

Without further ado, my 22 things:

1) Complete my long-suffering novella.

2) Revive Slowtime, in whatever form it wishes to be.

3) Finish editing NaNoNovel [Working Title] and send it to editor.

4) Resume singing lessons (find mezzo specialist).

5)Β  Ditto dance lessons.

6) Resume horseback riding regularly.

7) Star in a show (musical or play).

8) Return to my yoga practice, 2x week.

9) Develop NMP.

10) Redevelop my regular writing habit.

11) Go dancing periodically.

12) Create opportunities that allow me time to pursue my passions.

13) Create a library/reading room/writing room, a Room of My Own.

14) Plant a tree.

15) Reduce sodas and junk food intake.

16) Resume playing piano.

17) Document beauty in all of its forms at Yearning for Wonderland.

18) Develop my professional connections and social media relationships.

19) Star in an indie film.

20) Continue to develop SSSG.

21) Redevelop friendships at home that have drifted.

22) Love without judgement.

Please pardon my cryptic abbreviations, but I have a superstitious nature about unfinished creative projects: sometimes if I talk about them too much, they never manifest.

15 thoughts on “In Search of the Creative: #22Things”

  1. Great post Anna and your list is lofty, but attainable. I would consider doing this but I don’t think I have 22 goals (even with the bigger goals included).

  2. This list might seem unachievable to some, but Anna I know you can do all of it and more! That creative spirit of yours leaps and bounds and cannot be reigned in…thank goodness! Get moving, the world is waiting for you my dear. :))

  3. Love these 22 Lists!! So many inspiration women in my life…! I’m amazed at all amazingness going on here. Know you will do well, Anna, with all your endeavors!

    1. Thanks Angela. One of the keys to my creative success is to surround myself with highly creative people like NoInklings!

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