Childhood weirdness(es)

When my youngest brother Daniel and I were adolescents (think pudgy, perplexed and disaffected), we used to do the Diva Dance. Oh, you remember the Diva Dance, right? It was from the movie The Fifth Element, that cheesy sci-fi starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovanovich. The best scene in the whole movie is when an alien diva performs an solo that turns into a funky operatic soundtrack, while Milla kicks bad alien butt.

Anyway, Daniel and I used to do the Diva dance which apparently was our way of signifying mutual weirdness. We would flap our arms up and down, a la the alien diva, and sing a little falsetto coloratura. People watching probably thought we were having some artistic epilectic fit.

This post is in honor of Daniel and the Diva Dance. Happy Birthday, Brother. Nothing like a little public humiliation to honor the passing of another year.

One thought on “Childhood weirdness(es)”

  1. How lovely! You and your brother are like my sisters and I. We did the diva dance, too! But because we were just so enamored. Love this post! Hope your brother had a wonderful birthday and year!

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